What's the most you've ever spent on a meal out?

Was it a BYOB place or were you just being a criminal?

This was the menu btw

Think its only around 35 quid or something, somewhere in Dublin. Not really arsed about flashy or fancy restaurants

ah, it’s a lil fact people aren’t often aware of.

if you’re staying in a good hotel and they have a restaurant you’re keen on, let the reception desk know you’ve brought wine ‘that’s special because it’s what we had on our anniversary’ or etc

they’ll charge corkage sometimes but i’ve never paid more than 20 on that, and it essentially means you’re bringing wine that would be on the menu for 100s for the actual price it’s worth.

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Whole fishy
pizza and a stick
piece of chocolate orange
bunch of grapes



probably better than what we actually got

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That’s actually a very handy tip. Especially seeing as my wife doesn’t like wine so more for me.

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Once a year (birthday) I will splash on something extravagant with the partner. Probably broken the £150 a couple of times.

did a meal at hotel du vin in wimbledon one eve where we got away with bringing in a massive barolo and a tokaji. they decantered the former an hour before our dinner, and the latter they put on ice for us. came back from that pretty damn merry :smiley:

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For myself not more than 50, but when treating family over 100

Not sure it counts but we took 12 of our best friends to Trinity (SW4) the day after our wedding as part of the celebrations. Definitely the most I’ve ever spent and can’t see ever getting close to it again. Was massively worth it though

Probably last year when I paid for my mum’s birthday meal, just a pub lunch but there were five adults and two kids and half of us had pudding

Most expensive single meal would have been the tasting menu on an anniversary date at The Man Behind the Curtain a few years ago, was worth every penny as I still think about it all the time

My partner and I do spend a lot on going out to eat but always split it. Most I’ve paid for the bill on my own was was probably her 30th at Ynysir - probably 400+ quid I reckon (I think she may have paid for some of it as I’m sure it would have come to more than that). That was with a stay for the night as well.

Recently treated my mom for her 60th at Peels which came to like 350.

Totally worth it, absolute love the experiences.

Reallllllly want to go to Ynysir, although they’ve just got a second star so can only assume the price will have gone up.

Yeah it was unbelievable. Had to wait 2 years because we booked it pre-COVID.

Yeah can imagine the prices going up but for a one off it’s a great time. They have an in-house DJ that was playing some proper good music as well - just like 30 courses and out of that maybe 2 or 3 were a little flat.

Yeah it’s on the list for the next birthday, it’s quite the schlep for us so would have to be a for a proper event.

I got married there! Nice spot (just before it became a Hotel du Vin).

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yeah super pretty grounds at the back there, although we went while it was soggy ground from too much rain so kind of sploshed through it

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Haven’t been for a really expensive fancy meal in ages. Last place was Clove Club as my wife got a voucher as a leaving gift, and we still ended up paying over £200 on top of that. :grimacing:

Am looking to the michellin starred place in glasgow, which will by the highest after that