What's the most you've ever spent on a meal out?

went over £500 for two of us at Le Gavroche for my TV’s birthday - tasting menu, wine pairings, pre-dinner cocktail, etc., etc. Was absolutely fantastic but definitely a bit of a one-off. Generally have little to no problem paying a lot for good food as long as it’s being spent on sourcing and preparing very high quality ingredients over a whole load of frivolous, look at me carry on. Your boy with the salt can do one, although even then I find it quite funny how he’s getting away with gouging people’s wallets for such nonsense.

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after a bit of sleuthing it was Noble Rot for a birthday dinner, for two. Largely down to getting too invested in dessert wines and the little amuse bouche they had rockin

Probably Keens steakhouse in NY. Wife and I had a cocktail each, bottle of Napa valley red and a porterhouse steak for 2 with sides. Think it must have been at least £200 total. Totally worth it.

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It’s a hobby, where every holiday me and mine go for one really lovely meal. There are lots of things I don’t spend money on. Jay Rayner has a brilliant “go to” article for me on this…


Most I ever spent was £290 (including service) at the Beach House at Oxwich. It was great. Have had a couple that weren’t worth it along the way. Going to the Hand and Flowers for her birthday shortly where I suspect this record will be broken, and then will be breaking it again in Porto in May. It’s usually a once per year thing so it’s odd to do it twice in quick succession.

Worth repeating, I’m not rich. This is just our preferred way of treating ourselves from time to time.

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Yeah maybe worth mentioning that this is just one in a silly series of threads about this stuff, I’m in no way passing or encouraging judgment about how people spend their money. Have at it imo.


Ah, to be clear I only really skimmed this thread, but even in what I saw there was no judgement. It’s all cool. :slight_smile:

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Pretty sure the tasting menu at the Fat Duck for Mrs F’s 40th came in over £500, although I was trying not to look too hard at the bill.

Also very tempted to leave that predictive text as fat Dick.