What's the most you've ever spent on a ticket to something?

Will split this into 2 parts for clarity:


  • £0-£5
  • £6-£10
  • £11-£20
  • £21-£40
  • £41-£60
  • £61-£80
  • £81-£100
  • £101-£150
  • £151-£200
  • £201-£250
  • Over £250

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JOURNEY (PLANE, TRAIN ETC.) TICKETS Return journeys count as one ticket.

  • £0-£20
  • £21-£50
  • £51-£80
  • £81-£100
  • £101-£150
  • £151-£200
  • £201-£300
  • £301-£400
  • £401-£500
  • £501-£750
  • £751-£1000
  • Over £1000

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The gig ticket I have classed as a festival

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Glasto tickets this year are £280. I think that is the most I’ve spent on a single ticket.

I’ve spent about £80 for Radiohead and for Nick Cave, both rare exceptions to my “Not spending that fucking much” rule.

Festival counts as non-journey.

My answers are more boring than the high prices might seem, the event ticket was a three-day work conference and the travel ticket was a trip to see my family, had to take three planes each way and it took over 24 hours :sweat:

Think the last time I went to Glastonbury it was £95 or something so Isle Of Wight a few years later would have been more. Don’t go anywhere anymore so it’s probably that. Journey-wise my ticket to LA was paid for by the school and fundraising so it’s probably return trains to Edinburgh about 12 years ago.

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I spent £1400 on plane tickets that I never used

After about 2 months of complaining I eventually got the money back though

Dunno if this counts Funky?

Must have spent over £200 on a festival ticket, can’t remember how much Primavera was but it must have been in that ballpark.

Most on a plane ticket was £1,211 for a Premium Economy return to Perth (the Australian one). Worth it not to have my legs fall off on the 13 hour London to Singapore portion of the trip.

This years Primavera was £220ish

Return flights to New York in summertime, booked quite late (like two months before we wanted to fly) were somewhere just on the £750 mark - not sure if above or below it

Australia plane tickets would obviously be way more, but was lucky enough to have the Bank of Mum funding that particular expense

Hello from Norway

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must be time to revisit that trip!

Reading festival + interrail pass respectively

I did it twice to visit a girl which is a whole other story so wasn’t the best use of my money. Me and Mrs F have been looking at it as somewhere to go though actually.

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Hello Norway from Funkhouser.

Glastonbury many moons ago for event ticket.
Travel was to NY but went in November (for my birthday) and booked in advance so was as cheap as you could get at the time.

most big camping festivals are over £250 for a weekend ticket now right?

not sure how much my boomtown ticket was in 2017 but that’s the top for an event and going to a wedding in NZ then home via Sydney wins for flights by a big margin

I’m going to Canada this summer and it was about £650 return because it’s peak season.

This year’s Glastonbury for me as well

Travel is when I went to Disneyworld, got plane tickets for £330ish each return direct flights Manchester - Orlando. Which is apparently some unbelievable flight barg tekkers and people were asking me in awe how I did it. Dunno m8, just went on Skyscanner and bought the cheapest day. Was very relieved when we got to the airport and the plane actually existed

spent quite a lot to see Michael Jackson but he snuffed it before the concert. can’t remember if I got the money back or not.