What's the most £££ you've ever spent on clothing?

I ONCE spent £140 on some shoes
I’ve also ONCE spent £80 in a jumper.

I wear both pretty much everday…


Dropped £240 on a suit last year from a small, classy London tailor.

This was 2 days before Black Friday or whatever that shit is called. On Black Friday they emailed to say they were doing 1/3 off all suits. Wankers.

But yeah that’s the most I’ve ever spent on an item of clothing. Spent way less than that on my wedding suit.

I ALWAYS put my shopping jumper on when I hit the high street!

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I’m guessing you wore your birthday suit to the wedding?
Nice to get a bit more use out of it :slight_smile:

Does a suit count as an item or would you want trousers and jacket counted seperately

nope. £80 jumper

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I’m always blowing too much money on clothes.

Bought a coat recently that was about £500. Think that’s my most expensive, aside from suits.

for reals?

wow!! what is the coat like?

A navy APC raincoat that I bought in Liberty after a rush of blood to the head. I should have taken it back to be honest. I’d just got a new job and was all excited.

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Liberty is dangerously close to the many drinking holes of Kingly Street. Luckily I’ve only ever been in there to use the toilets.

I got married on Black Friday for £££savings

Sporting a £600 pair of loafers as we speak,. Jean slipped them through the books as Misc. Stationary again.


A new raincoat AND the latest Coldplay LP. What a way to celebrate.


Classic Jean.

Think £120 on For Life Doc Martens (that don’t fit very well and I rarely wear. But hey, at least I’ll have them forever!)

My Barbour may have cost more than that, but it was a gift. Would like a new one as I’ve had it for years and didn’t take care of it, but can’t stomach it at the moment.

LOL. Listened to it at a listening post in HMV and just HAD to go and buy a coat.

There’s a few items I’ve spent about £90 on - shoes and coats, like.

Spent £120 on a coat about 13 years ago. Still wear it.

Bought a couple of pairs of shoes/boots in the £80-90 range, but other than that, nothing more than about £50.

Dunno. Probs a suit and probs around £150, I resented it a lot however much it was.