What's the most you've paid for a standard-sized greetings card?

Went to John Lewis at lunchtime to get a birthday card for one of our team. £4.25. For a slightly embossed but otherwise standard greetings card.

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When I was in the greeting card game the price would always be based on a two letter code. HH would be £1.49 for example or GG would be £1.39

It’s interesting that a system like that would be required for some reason.



around a fiver i’d guess

Probably didn’t merit its own thread, did it?

There was no system in place, antpoc. Just had to present the card to the cashier and wince slightly when she asked for £4.25.

They’ve probably jettisoned the two letters that represent a price system in the last 16 years or so.

We have the same things for sandwiches in our canteen. What a clash of worlds!

Do you think anyone has ever grated some cheese and thrown a slice or two of wafer thin ham into a greetings card and/or written a heartfelt message in biro on a slice of bread before putting another slice of bread on top as a result of this?

I’d have to say perhaps, yeah.

Funny to think of that happening isn’t it

Presumably so they can control the price, without putting it on the card, which is bad form for a gift of sorts

You know what, you’re probably right

Might be. Might also be absolute bollocks but it sounds believable

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  • <£1
  • £1-£1.50
  • £1.50-£2
  • £2-£2.50
  • £2.50-£3
  • £3-£3.50
  • £3.50-£4
  • £4-£4.50
  • £4.50-£5
  • More than £5
  • How on earth am I meant to remember this niche piece of information?

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Haven’t bought a greetings card in c. 5 years. AMA

Your first mistake was to go to JL. No supermarkets about?

There are some really nice pop up ones in a stall in Spitalfields market. I’d happily pay £5 (price of a pint) for one


There’s a Sainsbury’s Local opposite our office but I didn’t want it to look like I’d just nipped across the road last-minute.

Wasn’t expecting a bargain from JL but still.

Additional JL info: you can go into the JL in Cambridge (maybe other stores too) and get a tin of Quality Street where you select what goes in the tin. £12 but still, quite a nice idea.