What's the most you've paid for a standard-sized greetings card?

Can you select something other than Quality Street to go in the tin? A small bottle of whisky and some truffles, say?

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Haha, sadly not!

Plastic tin or tin tin?

Alright, Herge

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It was this!

Jumbo card - but there you go!


£3 for a local craft shop. Was getting a birthday card and a wedding card. 6 bar I’ll probably get no thanks for.

It was!

Great card :+1:

Can’t be standard-sized and jumbo. MODS!


I rule on the side of…

Hang on,I’m not a mod. But I created the thread. @unlucky is right. I just folded a piece of A4 paper in half and yep, that’s not a standard size.

Sorry everyone! :upside_down_face:

can’t top thinking about this when I read this thread


Given a few. Bought none

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I’ve got an idea! Let’s break away from the obligation and shackles of the greeting card! We don’t need it, nobody really likes it, just clutter. It’s amazing the industry has lasted so long

  • I’m with you comrade!
  • No way! I’m a cross the line defector scab!

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£22 for a very good condition Emperor Palpatine.

Sorry, misunderstood the thread.

Can you buy greetings cards in the designs of penoid cards?