What's the most you've paid (or would pay) for a record?

I think the most I’ve gone up to is something like £50 or £60 or so for a seven inch single. “Good Times” by Nobody’s Children (GPC, USA), for instance, cost me fifty. And I think I paid sixty for “7 Heures Du Matin” EP by Jacqueline Taïeb (Impact, France).

But to spend thousands? Even if I had that much spare cash lying around, I’m not sure anything is worth it to me. But then I do take my records out of the house and play them at gigs, bars, clubs etc.

I’ve never been a vinyl person. I’ve got literally thousands of CDs but wouldn’t say I’m a collector. CDs were the best format at the time. I get virtually all my stuff via my Google Play subscription.

The last CD I bought was The Magnetic Fields 50 Song Memoir for about £20. That was a really nice packaged product. I wouldn’t buy a rare vinyl record or even CD but I’d go up to say £50 where the packaging, inlay cards/books add to the whole album.

Probably 40 quid. If I found a copy of Mechanical Animals I’d be tempted to pay more knowing how much it goes for.

I bought Animal Collective’s limited edition Animal Crack Box. Must have been about £80. Have never been able to justify opening it

Not a vinyl collector, and I can’t really think of any album I’ve paid more than £30-40 for. eBay has provided me with a fair few rarities I definitely paid well under market value for. I’d probably pay more than £40 for something new if they put the effort in, but it seems special editions on CD have largely died off in favour of fancy vinyl releases that never get played. The three disc book edition of Paul Draper’s Spooky Action is really nice. I’d like to see that format used more.

Paid £100 for that OKNotOK thing. Doesn’t even fit on my record shelves

i bought the In Rainbows boxset for £40 but have never repeated that for anything since. think i paid just over £20 for the last Shellac album cos the CD on its own was like £12 already, but generally i don’t buy much vinyl and don’t like to go above about £16 say when i do.

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Think I paid £75 or so for The Ecstatic by Mos Def. I only fork out as much as that for stuff that I could also sell for the same amount down the line if it came to it.

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Reckon a reissue would fuck you there mate. Think only limited editions/first pressings etc. are safe in that sense

Importing Vince Staples’ Summertime '06 from 'murica ended up being my most expensive. That buttercream vinyl tho :heart_eyes:


Probably the 69 Love Songs vinyl boxset if you count it as one album and not three volumes. £80 or so.

65 or something for scott walker - the drift. would have paid triple that probably.

£220 for a white label dance 12 inch. This was about 2002, so waaaaay before getting records online was easy. I came up to London once a month for about a year looking for it with no luck, and then got into a bidding war with someone over it.

It’s a shed load of money, that’s a given…but I am passionate about music and it was my favourite act at the time.

You can get it for a couple of quid on Discogs now of course.


Aye, working on the assumption that it won’t be reissued obvs. Fingers crossed anyhow…

Yeah hope for your sake they don’t. Though Stones Throw doesn’t seem the type of label to just let things sit out of print if there’s demand

£20-30 max for me now I have practically no disposable income. Vinyl might be a different matter. Think the most expensive CD I got was The Egg by Shiner - I was bingeing on them and it was next on my list so I felt compelled! But that was only like £25.

Would probably pay £40 or maybe a bit more for an album if it was something that meant a lot to me. Can’t really think what would make me pay a lot more - would just get the cd at that point. There’s been the odd boxset where I’ve drawn the line on cost and got the cd version.

I buy a fair few records but don’t consider myself a collector at all - nice to get the coloured vinyl or whatever if it’s the same price but doesn’t bother me really.

Probably a massive generalisation but from browsing discogs it feels like vinyl essentially holds its value these days even if it doesn’t become collectable whereas CDs seem to be virtually valueless unless very specialist.

Bought that Warp20 boxset for £90 in 2009. Sold it a few months ago for £85.

Collectors item.

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I got the Warp10 boxsets when they came out and they seem to be worthless now so you probably did ok there.

I’ve picked up 10+1 and 10+2 for peanuts recently. On the hunt for a tidy copy of 10+3 now.