What's the nearest town to you that you've never set foot in?

The town of Newmarket was mentioned in the evening thread earlier. And despite having lived 43 miles away for over 16 years, I’ve never set foot in it.

What about you? Where have you never visited?

(Suggested parameters: max distance 50 miles; minimum population 15,000. Flexibility permitted)

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Do towns I’ve travelled through but never stopped in count?

I reckon Ringwood 32 miles from where I live atm. Driven through, stayed in a village close by, but never been into the town.

No. I’ve travelled through Newmarket many times.

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I’m not sure I’ve ever been to Crowthorne, about 5 or 6 miles away

Almost certainly Cheshunt, about eight miles as the crow flies

I think it might be Brixham (22.5 miles). There aren’t many towns around here.

I’ve walked to Ringwood, no less.

My aunt and uncle are from there!

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I’m not going to comment on everyone’s towns

I reckon mine is Diss…drove through it several times but can’t remember stopping there

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Hmm, Failsworth. Doubting what a town is now though

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You’re not missing much in Newmarket. It’s quite picturesque and it’s nice to see the hundreds of horses trotting round the place but it’s more than a bit lacking in things to actually do, think it’s just too close to Cambridge

Never been to Kirkby

i can tell you from extensive experience that you’ve seen as much of diss as anyone needs to

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‘Pendlebury’. Not convinced that’s even a real place.

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That’s where I’m at cause Failsworth to me ain’t a town, although like Chadderton I think it has a town hall on Oldham Road.

I was thinking mine might be Skem? That seems a sufficient minimum size maybe?

Ooo yeah never been to skem either but keep wanting to write about it, not sure why exactly, 2024 could be the year disers go to skem

This was also one of my options but seemed less town like than failsworth.


I’ve been to most of the towns in East Anglia thanks to work. Thetford, Swaffham, Diss, Stowmarket… March. Ramsey.