What's the nicest meal you've ever had


In a restaurant?




Le Gavroche 9-course tasting menu mate


Tasting menu at Story


Probs at The Rafters, might go to some fucking michelin bollocks in Berlin in February that’ll blow it out of the Wasser


Story’s tasting menu and drinks pairing.


Preview night of Rick Stein’s in Winchester. COR BLIMEY.



Best potential joke answers

  • Yes
  • Oat
  • Dinner (or Lunch or Tea or whatever)

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Was he there with his little hessian bag?


That I didn’t spot. Too busy being chatted-up by one of his family members. :laughing:


Red Pepper and Halloumi muffin from Leons

(Its actually some tapas bullshit from Bar De Nada but I might have romaticized that night getting gooey eyed over a babe)


I believe his son is also a chef.


Argh I used to love bar de nada! The weeknight deal was quite for saving pennies too.


… called Bort?


Yeah I obviously went at a weekend that night cos I’m a baller but obvs, pay what time you order was fantastic.Only went twice in all.


A turkish restaurant in Berlin which has now closed down :((

Other than that it’s a tough call. So many beautiful, beautiful dinners. Perhaps the first meal we had on honeymoon. Michelin starred 5 course lunch on the terrace looking out over the Mediterranean. Impeccable glass of Malbec in one hand, steady stream of Gauloises in the other.

One of those moments in life where you just rock back and go… yeah, nothing’s topping this.


Well you couldn’t get the chicken deng deng on the offer anyway so you’d miss out big time by choosing it


Once won a Chefs table 7 course meal at Marcus Wareing’s Berkley Restaurant. Nothing’s topped that for me.


How did you pick up your food?