What's the oldest piece of clothing you still wear

Old tshirts for bed or round the house dont really count.

Currently got a hoody on, bought in 2009

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Dinner jacket / dress suit gets an airing circa once a year. Had it for about 15 years at a guess

Last year, I had to finally get rid of a hoody I’d had since 1998. Oldest item of clothing is now a ghostbusters hoody, think dating from around 2004.

Got a bunch of band t-shirts I bought in the mid 00s that are still in rotation. I have quite a lot of t-shirts tho, they only get worn maybe 5-6 times a year.

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Probably nothing older than 4/5 years now. Buy clothes regularly so always donating some a couple of times a year or so.

Did throw out an Explosions in the Sky t shirt when I moved last year when I got at Coachella 2004 (!)

Corduroy parka I got for my 18th birthday in 2002. Still going strong.

probably a four year old sports top as it’s proper comfy.

Used to have a british sea power shirt I loved that dated back to 05 but sadly that perished in the great tidy up of 17.

Yeah, this. Bought it at Uni, second hand, so it’s older than when I actually bought it.

Also got a snowboarding jacket I bought new around the same time which I occasionally still wear when the weather is terrible.

Got some socks I got for Christmas probably about 25 years ago. Still fine.

I’ve got my grandad’s DJ, could be 50 or 60 years old.

think i’ve still got some stuff from xmas 2009

Got rid of most of my clothes about 2 years ago but kept a dress i bought 10 years ago that is cute and still in good condition, and i have a satin pyjama top that my mum bought in the 90s and i wore a lot around the house from the age of about 16-25 despite its slight raggedness because it was snuggly and reminded me of my mum until she was like :sob: pls…pls get rid of this its so old just let me buy you a new one, but i have it still somewhere, i really love it

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I have a denim jacket that’s about 20 years old

Nothing else has come close to surviving that long

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Some of my coats and jackets are twenty years old. Got a fleece, a technical jacket and a long smart jacket which are all at least fifteen years worn. The technical jacket must be…23 years old.

Oh I still have the suit I got married in - so that’s from 1998. I should get rid of it , but I’m kind of holding our for baggy suits to come back into fashion (they won’t)

I have a Paramo waterproof that is (fuck me) 27 years old this year. Cost me a fortune but is very good quality.

Rush ‘Roll the Bones’ tour t-shirt (1992). Older than the average DiSer, probs.

Blue Tampa Bay Tigers jacket that I bought in TK Maxx probably 2002? It’s a small, but miraculously, still fits my beer-filled frame. No idea who TBT are, some football team probably.

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