What's the oldest piece of clothing you still wear

Westmeath GAA jersey from 2002

Coat bought in 2010

The Cure t shirt bought in 2012, and I know that because it has 2012 tour dates on it. Regular staple of my daily wear, yet still seems new. Like Robert Smith’s voice it is immune to ageing.

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A Maccabees t-shirt I got at a gig in 2006

Still wear this (from er 1999) occasionally. Incredibly well made for gig merch

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Hmmm there’s a sweater I sometimes wear that I’ve had since at least 2007, that might be the oldest

I’ve got some vest tops from about 2007 that are still in regular use. Somewhat amazed they’re still in one piece.

I’ve a come on die young Mogwai shirt from '99

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Iron Maiden tour shirt from 2008

I’ve had a few t-shirts for around 7 years

I think it’s this. From 2008.

Probably a black hoody I’ve had since @2009. I’ve been wearing it for painting the flat though, so it’s now pretty much trashed.