What's the oldest thing in your abode?


Probably me.


Probably some football programmes from the forties.

Granda’s diary/sketchbook some of which dates back to about 1908/1909
Unless he was just fucking lying


Everything. We are all made of stars. OOooohhAaaaaahhhhhAhhhhhh!!!

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Your mum


Apart from the house itself?

Our sofa, from the late-60s, I think.

think we’ve got a couple of fossils knockin about

Alright Moby

I feel that the ‘mum joke’ has been sadly lacking from New DiS.

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My drinks trolley is quite old I think?
Looks maybe 70s? I bought it for £15 from a junk shop.

Got a pair of turn of the 20th century book ends.

Thinly veiled had got her fossils and rock collection - far as I know the oldest she’s got is elterwater slate which is about half a billion years old.

Aside from that, the abode itself is 150 years old…

A book from 1931 entitled “How To Be Interesting”, by Robert E Rogers.

Probably Photoshop.



A waste paper basket that was originally a sand bucket from the Second World war. It’s got ‘1942’ stamped on the bottom.

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Probably the grandfather clock. Think it’s about 250 years old.

I’ve also got lots of football memorabilia that was my great great great grandfathers. He played with Hibs, Rangers, Motherwell back around 1900. I’ve got his Scotland cap, league winners medals, the postcards the clubs used to send by post to tell the players where to meet for Saturdays game. I’ve also got the contract he signed for Hibs.

There’s rumours that he played for Liverpool to, but I can’t find anything to prove this!


I’ve got a chest thing I use as a coffee table (and for DVD storage) that the guy in the shop claimed was Victorian (prob saw me coming though)

Also a chest of drawers from the chaza that looks old - no idea how old though

Things I can 100% verify - I have various records from the 60s, so them I guess

Oh and I’ve got some Jeeves and Worcester books that belonged to my Grandad, guess they are quite old. They smell old

Got a bible that was given to my Grandparents on their wedding day… late 30’s/early 40’s?