What's the oldest thing you own?

(Excluding a house)

Just spotted a 2001 gig poster on my wall and felt all nostalgic.

Owned saps with a pretty sweet diss once

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I’m owning balonx daily

EDIT: fuck @Aggpass

I still have a stuffed toy on a shelf I had since I was a baby.

probably a record. roy orbison or something.

Oh, there’s probably some old whiskey or wine knocking about somewhere

I have some Mycota fungal foot powder with an expiry date of 1994.

Have plenty of older stuff but that is my favourite.


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Trilobite fossil. Couple of hundred million years old.

got a nice engravedcigarette box from around 1947.

got loads of books from the 1900’s, too. just for show, obviously

Crawled from the primordial ooze in the time of Cthulhu.

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Got a notebook from about 1910 rattling around here somewhere, folks from back then had really nice handwriting. I am filling the rest of it with utter junk as per.

Must be a record

Got a 2nd Mono pressing of Revolver, and a 1st UK pressing of Pet Sounds - so they must be 50 years old. Also got a Mono Hard Days Night, so I guess that’s older but could be a repress, don’t know


do you have a mono stylus?

Dunno. Got enough of pointlessly fetishising old things just because they’re old at Oxford.

(I was part of the local GILF swingers scene)

i’ve got this really cool Dizzy Gillespie 10" from 1954.

here it is, in fact:


paid a quid. the guy I bought it off thought hhe was the big man and when I asked him what jazz he had in his collection for sale, he said ‘I’ve got some Dizzy Guiseppe’

knew I was onto a winner there

stupid cunt!

Nope - I’ve only got about 3 mono records (those 2 and an 80s reissue (I think) Of Highway 61) - not sure it’s worth the effort

I’m no Hi Fi buff though - just like records

Indian colonial chest of drawers that belonged to my granny, although given she would have been a girl then I guess it belonged to her parents. It splits into two so it can be carried around.

I have some of my mum’s old vinyl records, but they don’t belong to me. She wants them back if she ever gets a turntable, which will be never.

The oldest thing I have which is actually mine is my stereo which is coming up on 21 years old. It was a 14th birthday present. It doesn’t really like to play modern CDs any more though. I’ve been meaning to replace it.