What's the point of having all these different kinds of pasta?


Don’t think there are enough different types of pasta tbh. Would like to see more major movie tie ins.

This thread has upset me a bit as the head chef at my favourite Italian restaurant recently pasta way

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sadly disassembles pasta machine


I think a good kind of pasta would be one long thintube of pasta with all the sauce inside. Someone make that and try it and tell me if it’s good please.

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Would like a big bowl of pasta now

Really getting into ravioli atm, as GF is practising making them at home
She made a ham hock, ricotta and pea one the other day, and we ate it with a lil truffle oil and omg it was heaven

You could tie the far end like the end of a sausage

The Pasta The Purious

I see what you’ve done there and I dont particularly care for it.

Or eating it between the two of you from each end like the dog cartoon

I’ll take that as “constructive criticism” and thank you for it


dktrfaustus: pasta physicist

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I don’t know what this means so I’m just going to assume it’s an attempt to belittle my idea. I’ll be on the next ferry to Holland for a fight


I’m in the Midlands so that would mean having to get a ferry from fucking Hull. I’m out.

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Got some of this:

not quite sure what to do with it

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Thick (chunky meat - if you chow) red wine ragu would be bosssssssss

getting all up inside the tubes and sticking on the ridges


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