Whats the point of ovens having different temperatures

Keep them all at 200 degrees and just modify the cooking times to what fita that


My gran once tried to bake a cake quickly by doubling the temperature and halving the time. I think you’d have gotten on well with her.

Why does stuff take so long to cook? If I got in the oven with my pizza I can guarantee I’d burn to death much faster and I have far more ingredients


Did it work

This is very Tory.

That’s how much you have to pay to have your oven a constant temperature.

Of course it didn’t.

I once had an oven that was old, and all the numbers had been rubbed off the dial. I arbitrarily decided that a smudge was 180c and estimated everything up and down from there, and i’m still standing. The whole game’s a racket

My old house had exactly the same problem. It was quite hit or miss but in general most things were fine.

Reminds me of that joke in ghostbusters where rick moranis only has 15 minutes to do a 30 minute workout tape so he just plays it on fast forward :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Kelvin scale claims another victim

The numbers have been rubbed off ours since we moved in. Always set to just over half way. It’s fine.