"What's the point of that then?" - A thread about pointless things or pointless bits of purposeful things

These bits on doors are fucking pointless eh:


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Legs on this thread. Legs.


No they’re not. Push plates (like kickplates) prevent the door being damaged and becoming marked. They also cover the fixings for the pull bars on the other side if they go right through the door.


Ruffers said he’d post in it, he’d better not let me down.

Mate, a door that can’t handle being pushed open isn’t worthy of calling itself a door. I don’t think I’ve ever used that bit of a door to push it open either.


Why not? What part do you push?

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In and around the metal bit but you’d have to be a proper fucking square to line your hand up with the metal bit and specifically use that bit.


bet the wood is well tatty round your metal bit…

It’s fine

well there is no point to it. Agreed


it’s a shame cos this was an ok thread idea but the opening example was very poor and obvious as to what it’s point is


Also, Ruffers hasn’t even posted in it when he gave me his word that he would.

have you tried @ ing him?

Shouldn’t need to mate, shouldn’t need to…

the bit that isn’t the plate that everyone has touched

also if the door had no windows then you might not know which side the hinges were on or whether it was a push or pull door.

What the fuck are you on about? You look through a window on a door to see it’s hinges!?

no i mean the position of the window in your example is subtly telling you which side to push against. you wouldnt put a window at the hinge side. but if no window, you wouln’t necessarily be able to tell at a glance which side of the door to push. don’t go meowington on me please i haven’t got time today but am very eager to find distractions nonetheless


Even with that, you still get ‘Norman doors’, so it’s not foolproof.