What's the problem with us becoming

As a species, why does it matter? Not in a brutally unequal, rich survive and the poor die sort of way, but more we just decide not to continue as a species. Stop breeding until we are all gone. Give something else a go
Would it matter? It’s going to happen one day anyway!
Like, I think the Extinction rebellion should be called End to Unequal Extinction rebellion.
But actually going extinct would be better for the planet, so I’m not against it.
Happy Thursday!

  • ExtINction
  • ExtinctioNO

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Please stop breeding, lets make this happen!!

I’ve stopped breeding.


I have no problem with it, as long as we don’t take the planet down with us.


I think it’s what comes with extinction. The rich and powerful won’t become extinct without grabbing as much as they can for themselves on the way down. Which I suppose it what is happening right now.

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Happily, I think the planet is relatively resilient and on the geological timescale should bounce back from the hideous scarring we’re inflicting on it. Idk, we’ve got some climatologists and geologists on here who should be able to give a better answer. But yeah, I’m in agreement, though it will be sad that all the good stuff people can do will be lost.

unless I have another one!

We could do a symbolic ‘Passing of the Torch’ to another species who’ll take over. We could send our passwords and so on to a penguin.


In this scenario, everyone chooses a noble extinction. This is like a very deep, thought experiment/philosophical thread on what it is to be human or some shit. please keep up!


Ok I am up for being noble-y extinct. Would quite like the watch The Good Place S4 first though. Cheers.

Why? It’s fucking shit, pal.

Nah, they’re openly buying apocalypse bunkers, scoping out private security firms and so on. They even have conferences about it.

This is a thing


Seems like the ultimate passive aggressive act IMO

Never really been sure how I feel about this.

I can sympathise, to an extent, but acceptance that humanity is irredeemable just seems like a slippery slope towards an absolute moral blackhole. Being alive is, at the end of the day, literally all we have. If we give up on that as something worth trying to preserve, where does that leave us? If you’re adopting a position that humanity is better off gone, even with the best of intentions, what kind of behaviour can that give rise to? I dunno.


It’s the least we deserve tbh


I severely doubted you wouldn’t be, tbh

We must not allow an extinction gap

Best thing for us imho, and reckon it’s all but out of our hands now anyway. Hundred years tops.

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Imagine your last living action being to take an absolutely horrid months-percolated shit in one of their bunker air purifier thingies

A life well lived irrespective of whatever came before

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I’d miss Pringles