What's the problem with us becoming

At the moment we are the only place in the universe that we know about that has life and we are the only species that has the level of self-awareness and intelligence to reach beyond the limits of the little planet we live on.

We might not be the only intelligent life in the universe, but as far as we know we are.

I think it would be a criminal shame to let self-aware intelligence die out in the universe. There are an awful lot of dead rocks orbiting lifeless solar systems in the bleak void wastes of nothingness out there. We have a tiny spark of life, of art, of consciousness on this planet: letting it go out and potentially placing the whole universe back into darkness would be a bit of a pity.

Human beings are terrible and do terrible things but we are also amazing and have the potential to love and improve ourselves and be better than we used to be. We shouldn’t accept extinction, we should reform ourselves and our society so that we don’t go extinct and we preserve what is best about ourselves.

Bit pompous. Maybe I should go back to posting about Switch games and Big Thief.


Bc we’re better than the people most driving said extinction for short sighted profit


In the co-op next to my office they had pringles and the sign said ‘only £3.20’ for a single tube of pringles! £3.20!
time to end it


We’ll have self aware machines to leave behind, it’s fine.


Derek will outlive any apocalypse

Alright ricky gervais on twitter

we haven’t heard the new Jack Penate album yet!

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Perfect time to go, tbh

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Be a shame if we never did actually explore space and make friends with aliens.

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(this took me a long time so don’t mock me plus paint doesn’t seem to be on my newish laptop)


That is too much money for a tube of Pringles.

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Thanks, I have no idea what it is. But thanks.


It’s an absolute pleasure.


I got to thinking about this the other day after having a pretty civil chat with some Jehova’s Witnesses that knocked on my door. They were trying to claim the whole world was going down the shitter and reading the bible could help us understand why.

And afterwards, I was thinking: There are 7.7 billion people on this planet, and I truly believe that 99% of them are “decent”. Not perfect, but “decent”. We as a species are inherently selfish and self-preservation will undoubtedly be most people’s number one goal. But I think the vast majority of people can and do balance that with being nice and trying to be a better person. I think it’s a real shame that the bad things in the world take the headlines, when there is far more good going on.

I guess, therefore, it would be devastating for human life to be eradicated because of a few (in the scheme of things) rotten eggs. We are trying to be better, we are trying to fix things and this bodes well for the future. Let’s not give up, we owe it to each other.

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extremely generous imo

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I assumed extinction rebellion were pro-extinction before reading anything about it


77 million people are bad. That’s a lot of bad people. You think there are more?

That’s where the rebellion part comes in I believe


Suppose that is a lot when you write it out but there are a lot of people whose entire world outlook revolves around making other people’s lives actively worse for the benefit of themselves and maybe a small group around them.

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That’s one way to look at it. The other way is, people like humans, let’s make some more of them.

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