What's the shortest distance you've sent an email?

I was just standing behind my colleague and looking at his screen, and he asked me to email something, which I did, and I can’t have been more than 20cm away from him.

Can anyone beat this?

Epimer smells

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Not sure why your boss needs to know that but ok.

yeah all the time sitting next to someone at work

usually the easiest way to transfer a document


to my self?

“Remember to book a haircut Dave!”


seriously transferring that document.

But it didn’t go to you, did it? It went to a server and then got received on one or more devices. Conceivably it travelled a very great distance!

you have no way of knowing that Theo

theo when you step into the star trek transporter do you die? is the version that appears on the surface of the planet really you?

The server’s actually in the room across

obviously i’ve sent myself an email, so 0cm


I didn’t consider that loophole. This thread is void.

it’s only 0cm if you read it on the same device

have sent an email from my phone to my computer before. must be about 7cm

of course I have!

It still has to travel out to the server and back.

This examines that question in detail

I email someone sitting a few years from me numerous times every day. So that there is a written record of what’s been said.