What's the smallest value purchase you've ever made?

Yesterday on the way home from work I realised I needed a red onion for a meal I planned to cook (Mary Berry’s one-pan sausage and cider casserole), so I popped into a Tesco and bought one red onion. It cost me 13p, which I paid for with my contactless card at the self service till.

Anyone got lower than 13p?

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dunno - wouldn’t be surprised if I bought a single penny (or even 1/2 p) chew as a kid


Probably. Hmm, I’d like to think it was something really cool as well. It will forever be my main purpose in life to buy something awesome for under 13p. I’ll report back.

didn’t charge the 5p for a plastic bag but needed one, had no change, so did a second charge on my card for 5p :roll_eyes:

deff bought loads of 10p things like wham bars when I was a youngster

or were you looking for stuff payed for on a card?

Be honest, did you consider nicking it?

Feel free to interpret as you see fit, it’s all jazz.

Though this reminds me, if stores are charged a fee for processing card transactions (is this the case?) is there a value of sale where they’re actually losing money?

in which case this thread will be won hands down by the old men of DIS

not really, was being served by someone on a till rather than self-service. thought they would just let me off but that’s society for you isn’t it

Banana for 9p

I spent 5p for a sip of juice from some enterprising traveller kids at a festival

depends on the deal they have with mastercard etc I guess

Definitely a penny sweet as a kid. But I guess although it says “ever made” I think we should take into account inflation etc and make it something a bit more recently.

When I was a reporter and was at a gypsy camp one of the kids nicked my notebook, then said I could have it back if I beat him at noughts and crosses. I lost, but he gave it back out of pity.

you’re not the boss of me!

Smaller onion. 12p


Definitely had some 10p sweet purchases as a kid.

However, at uni, there was a really good pub that wouldn’t take cards. There was no cash machine nearby, but there was a supermarket that would give you cashback with any purchase. So buying a cashback carrot (6p) was a fairly regular occurrence.

So my answer is 6p.


Lovely little anecdote, thank you.

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I definitely bought a ha’penny gobstopper in a single transaction around 1983.

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Also, what did you do with the carrots?