What's the stupidest thing you got dentention for at schooo

Mine was probably for saying mr Parkin’s breathe smelt like shit and doing impressions of him whilst he was stood right behind me. He ended up tapping me on the shoulder and I knew I was in trouble, made me write lines on the whiteboard “mr parkins breathe does not smell like poo” 100 times which is the only time I’ve ever written lines.





Only had it once, for punching someone

doesn’t sound too fun, although maybe it was at the time

When this lad threw a bic biro across the room at me in German and it hit me in my mouth, somehow cut my lip so I threw a bottle of tip-ex back at him, it missed him but hit the wall behind and exploded.

We both got sent out of class and ended up just laughing about it…made the teacher even more mad. Detention followed.


Giving Eddie an elbow drop and breaking his ribs the day before his family were due to move country as a result of a 24/7 title defence rule being in operation.

Also, my mate DD once got detention for having a fight with Eddie but Tim got detention for opening a book on it and taking bets


Forgetting my bible for RE (Catholic School):smile:.


Messing about on the school minibus on the way back from badminton club by pretending to be nirvana and jumping up and down using our badminton racquets as air guitars.

Deputy head was driving behind us and went mad!

Sitting in detention with all the psychopaths with them like “oh what you in for?”


aw I’m sorry Eddie had to move away, that sounds sad :frowning:

Something I will forever feel enormous guilt about is, completely accidentally, hitting Hannah in the philtrum with a plastic plate being used as an indoor frisbee leaving her with a permanent scar. She was enormously magnanimous about it.

Someone was being a dick to me and I had a yoyo in my hand so I yoyo’d them in the face.


at school I probably had detention roughly

  • 0 times
  • 1 time
  • 2 - 5 times
  • 6 - 10 times
  • 11 - 20 times
  • 21 - 50 times
  • 51 - 100 times

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Once had to be driven home by an RE teacher after he was doing a guided meditation session (fucking weird) in which he was making us imagine being in a cave and Tom shouted out “smells like bear shit in here” and, for the crime of laughing, I was kept behind after school, missed the bus and had to be driven home by the teacher.


round the world?

I got suspended for defacing a textbook. It wasn’t just me, it was two other guys too. The annoying thing was, the only reason we got suspended was because one of the others had drawn swastikas in the book (we were teenage edgelords). I told them that I only drew the cocks, but because I wouldn’t say who drew the swastikas, we all got the same punishment.

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Saying orienteering was stupid (it is).


My pals trashed a changing room because they’re dickheads and we all got held back by the head of PE then the head teacher to try and squeeze a confession. I think the head of PE thought that because I was on a rugby team I’d be on his side? Obviously I didn’t see nuffink because ahm no a grass.


I was a bit of a goody two shoes, never had a detention. Not to say I never did anything naughty I just managed to not get caught. :slight_smile:

I was also a prefect :innocent:


Didn’t have the skills for that unfortunately. Think it was just one of the backhand type ones.

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pouring acid, or some bacteria or something, all over Paul’s pencil case in chemistry

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