what's the thing that you've done as part of your job that you're most proud of?

mentioned this yday but it got lost in the daily thread. we did a really special blog for a climate change collection :slight_smile:



And now we’re back to trying to plan to end rough sleeping through one year funding (or in this year’s case, three months’ funding and then nine months’ funding)!

It’s been amazing though to start from the point “what it is it you want/need to get off the streets?” and then fund it. Doesn’t always work but you can always try again.

Would be nice to hear a vocaroo of you saying it.

For who?

This is cool. Automation is the thing that my industry is the most worried about; engineering automation will absolutely over design engineering within ten years.

Ha, I reckon that is pretty impressive. Hopefully you’re not DiSsing at the same time. :smiley:

Yeah, agree with this. One of my pals got chartered only last week and it was quite exciting seeing his CEng coming through.

This is supposed to be the positivity thread, not the Enabler thread. Just kidding. Genuinely impressive Tone, and I’ve mentioned you as “someone I know online” in friends chats who play/played the game. I do think that is a serious accomplishment that you are rightly to be proud of.

This is a fucking incredible list, amazing stuff. Well done!

This is something to be proud of - exams are gate keeping bullshit by pricks.

Genuinely incredible work. No doubt about it, this is genuninly incredible and rightly to be proud of it. Changing the world and saving lives is something I am in awe of.

Amazing. I’ve always tried to support students with STEM, and especially introverts as I was one and never felt secure in my thoughts about it. I need to try and get back into it with my new employer.

That sounds amazing. Back when crowd funding felt like a democratisation of the arts rather than now, a requirement for cut funding by bastard Tories.

This is amazing. Quite interesting in reading more about it, but that website is flash (not the Adobe type).

Excellent! I’m a frustrated writer and getting any level of recognition is something to be very proud of. Congratulations. :slight_smile:


You have a beautiful soul

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If it’s the post I’m thinking of, it’s one of the best pieces of writing I’ve ever read

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Not sure there’s anything big but in my current job I constantly drive things in a more inclusive direction in terms of public realm spaces.

In my tours its when I take kids from behavioural schools around and hear that they want to be a town planner/fight the council/be like me :pleading_face:

When I was city curator I had loads of verges off Chester Road filled with wildflowers and i love seeing them every year long after my job ended.


With limited guidance and support I put together a nicely designed and pretty comprehensive partner pack clearly outlining everything we were doing for students before, during and after arrival, providing evidence bases for the activity, and explaining how we were complementing university activity.

I know that sounds really naff but people thought it was made by a team of people, I had to go on a series of wild goose chases across the company to get all the (rapidly changing) info I needed internally and align that with national policy on i.e. intl arrivals, and do all the design and branding by myself (the branding manager said she was thrilled to see something that required no changes, apparently it had never happened before). Was really proud of it tbh.

Also something I was working alongside made the front page of The Times yesterday which is p cool.


In academia I was awarded a highly competitive national fellowship to do some methods research, which got me my PhD.

I’ve published over 25 peer-reviewed journal articles, and presented at conferences around the world. My parents have kept a physical copy of of a BMJ article I’ve published!

Played a key role in bringing several new pharmaceutical treatments to market. Including a treatment being approved/launched for COVID-19.


Never been sacked


Nothing. All the jobs I’ve had have been ultimately utterly meaningless. This current one is too, but more enjoyable than the rest.


Amateur. I’ve been sacked three times.

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I made my last album almost entirely on company time so that I guess.


Ending up in a well-paying job in a not-for-profit sector that allows me to have the life I want outside work is honestly more than I could have expected from a career, particularly after the audit years.


Put some veg in a fridge


I’ve got one of these on the go at the moment and it is really one of the most satisfying parts of the job. I have enormous sympathies for local government, I worked in it for years, but when you see people deliberately ignoring their statutory duties to vulnerable people well, damn it, I’m gonna damn ‘em.

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complained my team members making pervy jokes about other colleagues in my old job and it got brought up and led to a bit of a change in atmosphere, was vaguely proud of that at the time but even then i did it anonymously so it wasn’t brave at all and the only female member of our team at that time said she was fine with the jokes :pensive:

Really appreciate this, was massively regretting posting in this thread after I saw others posts. It’s not a big deal in the scheme of things, but to someone who’s struggled with work motivation and knowing what matters to them for so so long now, it felt like a huge achievement to me :heart:


I set up and transmitted a broadcast to the Andromeda galaxy for a client who wanted a pointless thing to brag about and money to burn.
It felt Star Trek as fuck though. :vulcan_salute: