What's the verdict on this then?

  • Very good
  • Good
  • Not great
  • Shit

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Don’t like it. Don’t like her voice tbh

I like her voice a lot and always have but there’s a bit just after the chorus of this (the 'oh can love me better bit) that stops it being truly great imo. It’s on the good side of fine.

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Absolutely all over TikTok, this.

like her voice and vibe, this is decent and listenable but not much more

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Yeah fair point, it’s never been an issue for me before really but I don’t like it very much in this song. Is it also sampling Bruno Mars or just very close to a song of his

Not sampling but it’s allegedly referencing it

Many believe the song’s self-love themed title and chorus is a reference to Bruno Mars’s single “When I Was Your Man”, which Hemsworth is rumoured to have dedicated to Cyrus while they were together.

Pretty boring. Really sounds like something else but can’t think what (maybe that Bruno Mars song but not sure I’ve ever heard that).

I dont hate it but its not for me.

I think p much all Miley Cyrus stuff is v good


This is brilliant and she is brilliant.

6/10 compared to this.


It’s proof that her entire career is based off the goodwill she received for doing Hannah Montana.

Lyrics are dogshit as well, completely butchers one of the best Bruno Mars songs.

Mate, behave.
You don’t have to like her music but she’s got an undeniably great voice if you listen to her acoustic versions and covers of other songs. Very silly thing to say, this.


No it’s not, cheers.

Yes, she’s a good singer but I don’t think any of her music has actually been good for a long time, except for that one posted above me. I can see how my post is maybe a bit inflammatory or whatever but it’s just my opinion

Watched this about a hundred times in the last couple of weeks


SAME :heart:

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And them doing Jolene together with Dolly going “Jolene I’mma kick yer butt” at the end.