What's the wankiest gadget you own?

Someone bought my colleague a hot dog toaster, not sure if that’s wanky but it has got me thinking.
Mine’s my google home mini but that was a present. Worst I’ve bought for myself is probs bluetooth earphones

ssp within reason

no wanking jokes

Probs my amazon echo, compounded by getting one of those voice activated lightbulbs alongside it.


Phone controlled lightbulb. Good though.


I’m thinking about getting a wireless phone charger
always having issues with my ports

Probably our food blender

Is it a nutribullet type one?

Flesh lig…



Got given an echo for Christmas having sworn I never would get one - turns out I rather like it

just remembered that I have one of these. it charges my phone slower than my charging cable though so I literally never use it :clap:

Yeah just looking at it now and there are fast ones but they’re proper expensive

Pretty much nothing.

Although I did work a terrible call centre job when I was 17 (so in 2000) so I could buy a region unlocked DVD player solely to watch anime.


Nest thermostat

Kind of but it’s just an asda one

Maybe NowTV is the wankiest thing

macbook or iphone

Wine stopper pump thing. Only a tenner from Amazon but a wanky gadget.

Vr headset

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A spice grinder: the evocatively-named James Martin Mini Grinder.

Lightbulbs and cooking timers is about all we use it for. I don’t know what you see in her shiggo.

Wankiest: slow cooker

Least-wanky: my 3-cup diffuser teapot

Bose mini Soundlink II Bluetooth speaker. Use it every day. Sound is perfect

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