What's the weirdest body part?


I’m going with the chin.

Does it serve any purpose?

When you think about they’re really weird and a bit creepy.


In my case its my third ureter, since you’re only supposed to have two.


Eyeballs are proper weird


Eyelashes. Weird as fuck.



They’re like exposed bones that rot


Also tongues are way too long. Very weird.


Oh well that’s probably a sign of good fortune. Well done your body!


Mine especially, probably about twice the average.


Nah they have a decent purpose




Yeah, amazing though. Magic happens there!


this put this in my head


Ears. Fleshy fake shells.


Eyebrows .


Turns out you all hate the human body huh?


nipples on men. i mean, why?


They have a great purpose but they don’t seem to be equipped to deal with that purpose, they haven’t evolved at the same rate as our lifespan or something


Seem to remember that comedian who was also a doctor saying it’s the anal sphincter, because it’s a muscle that “knows” whether it’s dealing with a solid, a liquid or a gas. And that’s half way to passing A level chemistry I’d guess.


It’s where the angels grab you.


ears. I got big ears.