What's the weirdest body part?

Alright Noddy.

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How has no one said the willy yet?

This thread has reminded me of my colleague telling (and showing) me the effects of their weird foot peel experiment this morning. Google Footner if you never want to sleep again.

Oh, grow up.

As if the willy is weirder than the scrotum.

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look at em! (on the right)

They’re fine

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I’m leaning towards “deformed” rather than “big”. Is that harsh? But he did ask.


Yeah, why can’t the testes be housed internally?

i’ve got big curly ears, and I’m okay with that. But I think they’re weird.

My ears are so generic I’ve never really given them much thought. Thanks ears for all that you do!

I have a friend whose eldest kid has MASSIVE ears. It’s a real ordeal trying not to mention it when we go round there. I’m sure she thinks they’re as funny as we do, but it’s just not the done thing.


Too warm. Kills the sperm.

Personally I’d be fine with that, but SOME PEOPLE seem to want to procreate so we’re stuck with it.

Apparently it is to do with maintaining a correct temperature.

The testicle essential cranks down the temperature.


Wonder why we have two and not one or three. Wish I knew a biologist or something

Elbow skin when your arm is bent: perfectly fine
Elbow skin when your arm is straight: weird

They’re just crap hands really

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Probably the sweet spot between redundancy and costing too many resources to produce. Or something to do with symmetry.

Could be!

Nails - toes and fingers. What’s the point of these solid things that keep growing and need trimming?

Also - the distribution of hair on the body. Why armpits? Why the tops of toes?

As you get older it becomes pretty obvious that hooves is where the little bastards are aiming for.

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