What's the weirdest part of your body to shave / wax / epilate / remove hair from?

Like say you’re going on a date, and the person says to you

“By the way, I shave my X”

What would the worst example of X be that would be most likely to make your face go like this :open_mouth:

I nominate @hull49 as custodian of this thread.




By the way, I shave my ex


I would think they weere some sort of obtuse bantsmerchant

What’s wrong with a nice smooth / occassionally stubbly belly?

Early red hot chili peppers lyrics etc…

Nothing wrong with it but if you were on a date with someone and they say “By the way, I shave my tummy” I think that would be the weirdest sentence to hear according to the parameters outlined in the opening post.


You have sincerely respected the format, and for that I thank you.

Unlike the hooligans in this thread, I don’t know how they all struggled with such a simple concept.

That’s not a thread I’m interested in visiting right now

is the joke that I have somewhere hairy that isn’t normally hairy or is it that I shave something that people wouldn’t think to shave?

I don’t think there’s a part of my body* I haven’t shaved at some point. I guess it would depend on the date (the person or type of date) as to whether I mentioned it.

* that has hair on it

edit: i.e. none of it would seem weird to me unless someone had genuinely had need to shave, say, their eyeballs.

edit 2: sorry @ma0sm I see you’ve kind of covered the would expect to have hair on bit

This isn’t a joke @zxcvbnm2

Thank you for your explanation