What's the weirdest thing to have ever happened in your hometown?


Gotta be this for me. Strange times.


Has to be this for me.

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A spate of teen suicides :frowning:

just to clarify i’m not from newmains but it’s close enough



I only learned about this last week. He filmed just round the corner from my friend’s house. She wasn’t allowed to go home for hours.

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Woman gave birth to rabbits, or did she? no she did not


the leader of Daventry District Council, Councillor Chris Millar (Con, West Haddon and Guilsborough), said the local authority would ask McDonalds to withdraw the advert, which he branded an insult.

He said: "We are not very happy they are putting Daventry down with this advert and we will be making representations on that point.

"I will be writing to them and asking them to withdraw the advert. More people know about Daventry than they actually realise. I don’t know why they picked on us.

"It is a bit of an insult to the people who live in Daventry. I will make sure McDonalds knows exactly where the town is."

edit - can’t find the actual advert online, it used to be on youtube. I’m pretty sure the Daventry council climbed down and went cap in hand to McDonalds trying to persuade them to make the Daventry advert thing into a proper campaign. It didn’t happen.

Antony Gormley cast himself in iron and placed endless replicants of his naked form along the coast, so my local beach now resembles a Pink Floyd album cover.




Michael Jackson was recording in a nearby studio and rented out the entire cinema to watch a film with his kids. Johnny Depp came to hang out for a while too to talk to JP Donleavy about making a film of The Ginger Man

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Probably the time we attacked Santa Claus.

Closely tied with literally the same thing happening a year later.


It’s either this:

Or this (apologies for the Telegraph link):

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Airdrie’s brilliant @keith

“In 1988 the town was thrust into the headlines after a Brass Tacks programme entitled “Shire Wars” exposed the drunken violence that plagued the town and surrounding villages at that time”

Was very strange to watch this documentary as the editing made Wantage seem like New York in the 70s - the rumour was that the BBC had chosen the wrong town and were just trying to make the best of it

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still gutted this never got the go-ahead



Maybe the times the town went weird over a couple of escaped rhea birds (which weren’t even in the actual town)

Or maybe this, from just the other day:

It’s funny how different sites report on the same stories isn’t it? :wink: :slight_smile: