What's the worst film, TV series or play that Christian Slater has been in?


I haven’t seen many Christian Slater films I don’t think

¿ho is kristen slater?

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That’s a shame.

Heathers and Pump Up The Volume are both great. He’s also in Prince of Thieves and Broken Arrow.

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I went to see Heathers at one of those anniversary screenings recently. Didn’t like it that much and didn’t really like Christian Slater in it in particular.

This is the correct answer

I’m glad you’re comfortable expressing your opinions so openly. Even when they’re a bit off.

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churchill the hollywood years is a terrible film, can’t imagine he’s been in anything worse than that

That’s very touching, thank you.

Not seen it but I’m going to assume it’s this:


For a film to be that offensive just from the poster, you know it’s going to be an absolute pile tbh tbf…

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You’re welcs.

As a final point, he’s in Young Guns II and True Romance.

That belongs in the “What’s the worst play Christian Slater has been in?” thread.

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Christian Slater?

  • Christian Rater
  • Christian Hater

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It’s Star Trek 6: the Undiscovered Country.

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Christian ‘Meh’-ter

I remember watching about 20mins of this film with Christian Slater as a monk.

Laughed when I googled it to find others had also searched “Christian Slater monk movie”. Anyway, it was called The Name of the Rose and it was rubbish.

No way! The book’s great and I love a bit of Slater so I’m gonna haveta go for this. Please tell me he’s the genius investigative monk and has a properly ropey English accent?!

i’m not sure if he’s actually a different person from Christian Bale

Wasn’t he in some sequel to the mask?