Whats the worst gig you've been to?

Seen Fall of Troy twice. Left early twice

Babyshambles at Bristol Academy. Doherty absolutely off his tits, and a crowd made up mostly of young girls who wanted to get on the stage with him. Also I’ve seen the red hot chili peppers twice.


Oh Amy Winehouse at Isle Of Wight festival was awful too but more sad than actively bad.

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Basically no charisma or patter when she’d seemed like a cool front person, the fun reverb heavy vibe on the albums didn’t translate live at all and left it feeling super distant and weak, and … it was just really out of tune? Felt like like a gig for figuring out your sound or how to play live, not for a professional well loved touring band. Was awkward in the room

Black Midi, Ulster Sports Club, Belfast Feb 19 2020

Absolute shite.
Thank fuck I got through COVID and gigs coming back as I’d have been fuming if this had been my last gig ever.


Iron and Wine on the Shepherds Dog tour.

‘What if all those beloved acoustic numbers were reimagined as turgid bossa nova jams?’ was a question no one asked but by god was Sam determined to answer it.


The Black Keys, SECC.

Derivative drivel in a shed full of lager louts. Guy threw piss on me. It was a gift.


Horse the Band. Frontman was a massive sexist wanker.

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Sunn 0)))

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i saw them touring their third album and they were great, so maybe you caught them on an off day

Good shout

Sunn 0)) No!)))


Arctic Monkeys touring FWN or Horrors touring the dubut probably

Yeah that was a baaaaad tour

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Damn! How come?

Maybe around the same time at T in the Park and felt the same. A difficult watch.

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I went twice to see if it was just a bad night. Walked out the second time. Still never seen him just play the bloody songs.

Was on Easter Sunday, they weren’t into it at all. Going through the motions sorta vibe. Repeatedly had a go at the crowd for being too up for it.

Just a lazy gig really

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Don’t think he was much better touring the album after tbh