what's the worst/most boring job you've ever had?

spent a summer working alone in an office for the local authority scanning on paper planning applications, would quite often come in hours late or still drunk from the night before, literally no one noticed or seemed to care, i reckon that level of mundanity and isolation could properly drive you nuts in the end

also had a brief stint working in the “prisoners photographs” section of the local police which was just scanning on pictures of people who’d been arrested in the previous 24 hours, my colleagues were all absolutely awful, as you’d expect

Only had 3 jobs, none stand out especially. Very boring aspects to the second retail one and the current office one, but nothing worse than standard I reckon

Had a temp job counting bits of paper. It was some sort of banking documents, there’d be a contents list on the front and you had to check all the documents were there in the stated quantities. That was worse than other, similarly boring jobs I had, like scanning documents, because it required concentration, whereas scanning didn’t and you could at least let your mind wander.

gonna have to think about that one

Most boring is probably the current one cause it’s sitting but you don’t get to completely shut off your mind from work and think about your own stuff. Shelf stacks/cleaning jobs etc you get to have a nice think about stuff which is kind of fun.

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Yeah I didn’t mind too much when I’ve had to do tasks like stand in a franking room on my own for hours fulfilling envelopes and franking cos I could listen to music and I’m quite good at losing myself in a day dream but when I had to re file THOUSANDS of nob forms in numerical order that had all been mixed up, absolute nightmare, mind numbing concentration is the worst :persevere:

Luckily haven’t had to do any thing like that for years. Absolutely fuck being a temp.

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you’ve just reminded me i also had a brief stint working in a shoe shop, a big part of the job was walking around making sure all the shoes were at a 45 degree angle on the display box :sleeping:


oh god so many

save it for thursday etc


how many jobs you had?

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counting bits of paper, fucking hell

Selling curtains :roll_eyes:

Too many for one to take it home tbh.
Damn The Man.
Save the Empire!

Probably when I worked in drug safety for a pharma company. The job required a fair bit of skill and knowledge but actually once you knew what you were doing it was fairly repetitive. One of the tasks was making a decision of whether to submit certain cases to the authorities which involved reading several tabs worth of data. Got to the point I could do about 200/hour because I got so fast at it - was in a proper zone. It was the job equivalent of driving home and not remembering the journey. Quit because of boredom but now I realise I was getting paid really decent money to coast :woman_facepalming:

I did the night shift in a bottling factory one summer during my uni years as I was utterly skint. 12 hour shifts. One of the sections conveyor belts broke and they gave me the job of moving boxes of bottles of cheap alcopops from the machine that covered them with plastic to the bit that shrunkwrapped the plastic. Just moving them right to left round a corner, occasionally getting burned by metal parts of the shrinkwrapper. At around hour 8 or 9 you achieve a state of weird zen that was absolutely not worth the suffering it took to attain…

6pm - 6am. Getting home to watch the start of the morning news shows and shotgunning a 4 pack of cheap lager and a quick smoke before going to sleep. Told myself I was living like Bukowski because I was that kind of bell end. Weird times.


Had some part time jobs during postgrad where one required me to do stuff but could be done anywhere and one didn’t involve much but could be done anywhere

And that’s how I got paid to do two jobs simultaneously

also known on DiS as “the dream”

Haha see that stuff got me through the day during retail, sadly …

I now just remembered that me and my colleagues in my clothing retail job used to go in shifts round the (already tidy) shop when it was completely dead. The first of us would take all the jacket sleeves out of the pockets that they’d been tucked into, and then 30 mins later the other would go round and tuck all the sleeves away again.

Rinse and repeat for 4 hours until it was finally time to sweep up :sleeping:


Uni job shops r the best btw