What's the worst (or most unusual) thing you've had to wear as a result of paid employment?


This could well be a 0-reply thread, but I’ll give it a go.

I’ve never had to wear anything too outlandish. Though in my first job (as a café employee at the age of 16) I had to wear a bow-tie to work. These days I wouldn’t mind too much in the right circumstances, but I think my fragile 16-year-old masculinity found it a bit awkward.

Mrs CCB once had a job as a Christmas elf at Tesco, so she wins in our household.


Shirt and tie for a Saturday job as a 16 year old. Load of bollocks that.


baseball cap at the cinema

they tried getting me to stick a pair of shrek 3d glasses on top as well when Shrek 4 came out but just put them on the side of the till instead


nothing really, it doesn’t help the thread much but I’m hoping a load of other people will be in the same boat and I’ll get some thises/likes


White trilby hat thing and white polyester coat whilst working in the Waitrose frozen section

Only people working in the fridge’s/ freezers had to wear the trilby for some reason - but it did mean you could grow your hair in a long undercut (as was the style at the time) and hide it in you hat whilst working


I worked in a bookshop when Goblet of Fire came out. Someone had to wander around the town in a hired wizard’s costume. It should have been me, but I’d got a promotion the week before and made someone else do it with my newfound power.

History’s greatest monster right here.


not saying i was in the rip by saying nothing


I hope everyone replies to you instead.


Either this clip on tie I’m currently wearing (for safety reasons) or a turkey costume at Christmas as few years ago.



You look more… feminine than I remember


I brush up well


Shirt and tie when I worked in Jessops. Or Shirt and tie when I was a temp, filing invoices. Just shirts and ties, really.


A tuxedo to promote the dine in for 10 jib deal at M&S when it first came out. Just got loads of people asking me why I was in a tuxedo and I didn’t have an answer.

Had to wear a clip on tie at the same job before they changed the uniform.


when I worked in the nightwear section of Marks and Spencers I had to walk about in pyjamas and customers laughed at me


Feel like I can firmly get involved in this thread. Someone in Marketing had to dress as a banana for thing, and I quickly realised it’d be a full day away from my desk, so I volunteered. From that moment on, I always volunteered.

Santa was great. We visited the children’s hospital and made a lot of very sick kids very happy. Great day.

DiSer of the day!

Thank you for totally justifying this thread’s existence. Lovely, lovely stuff :slight_smile:


this sounds pretty good really


M&S pyjamas are great. Joke’s on them, dickheads


Not exactly answering the question but I’ve still got and wear the cheap polyester red shirt that was my uniform as a bartender at Old Trafford football ground.

Again not directly relevant but I remember once I was in Curry’s or somewhere like that and happened to be wearing a polo shirt that looked a bit similar to their uniform and two separate people came up and asked for help finding stuff. Properly demoralising that.


Full on clown outfit for a big department store in Leeds (Lewis’s it’s gone now) then had to wander around following a drey cart and hand out balloons.

Heavily criticised for lack of clowning.