What's The Worst Sitcom?



A couple of IT Crowd videos got me proper irked today. Never watched an entire episode.


Post clips.


It’s Mrs Browns Boys
I’m not posting a clip

What's your most-liked (non-heavy) post on the new site?

It’s got to be something like My Family. Does Mrs. Brown’s Boys count?


The Friends


I mean The IT Crowd is pretty awful, but the prime time BBC family-friendly shite has to be worse.

That one with Tim Vine and Lee Mack is fairly unbearable.


Ooh is that Not Going Out? Maaaaaaaan, that was proper bobbins.


Friends is crap but the gulf between it and Mrs Brown’s Boys is unthinkable really


It’s Two Pints of Lager.

There are plenty of bad ones but until someone does the decent thing and erases Two Pints from recorded history it’ll always win these threads.


Yeah, wasn’t being serious. Just being a cheeky chap who loves controversy!


Friends at its best was really good. First 3 seasons.



Could take your pick from my CV tbh. My vote goes to Coming of Age.



classic ant!


That’s a Google search I’m glad I didn’t do at work.






There’s plenty of potential worst ones ever on E4 of a daytime (wahey, redundancy) - there’s one where melissa joan hart from sabrina the teenage witch plays herself, and it’s properly stomach churningly awkward.


Big bang theory.

Incredibly popular, incredibly offensive, utterly unfunny. Absolutely no redeeming features and it’s on all the fucking time.


Why have you worked on all things that are bad?


How is it offensive (I believe you but I’ve only seen like two minutes of it)