what's the worst thing about your job?

mine is the culture, it’s extremely unfriendly, to the point that people who i’ve worked on the same floor as for the last 3 years don’t even acknowledge your existence when you walk past them

joke’s on them though as i think they’re all absolute roasters anyway :slight_smile:

pick one thing only please

Hot desking.


Night shifts.

The couple of hours of nowt happening between about 3.30 and 5.30 specifically.



No free biscuits on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.


The ennui

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Alright, Dick


more details plz

Also keep putting my back out from lifting my wallet.


Not being able to have a routine in my personal life because of travel

But I want to pick more

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horrific bullying culture and machismo (and due credit not being distributed fairly, which is a byproduct of this, so I’m counting it)

Ahh, she’s actually lovely, but she was patient zero of the current strand of cold. Loads of the team are are off ill and I’ve got an increasingly worrying case of the sniffles.

The actual worst thing about my job is the people who insist on trying to make small talk with me every day. Because I’m an anti-social cunt :slight_smile:

or the fact that it’s not exactly a nice industry to be fuelling

Ran by Tories, for Tories. Nobody needs it, just frivolous bullshit for dickheads.

that’s what the work irks thread is for though, this is where you pick only the absolute worst thing, then moan about it



The heater is too high up so I get cold feet in winter.

people who come into work when ill are the fucking worst, especially when they work in completely inconsequential jobs (i.e. no one’s going to die if they have a few days off to recover)

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