what's the worst thing about your job?

Also the eternal designers problem of last minute unnecessary amends to contend with

We’re currently being restructured and I can definitely see similarities.

Dog farts.

Stop whining!


Constant pressure from management and external funding bodies to achieve outcomes in retention and attainment that in some cases are very unlikely and that in others are so badly aligned with normal distribution as to make the integrity of the qualifications themselves questionable.

my old job was like this. basically 0 promotions going and yet they would make you have a personal development plan and discuss it with your manager every month and take steps to reach your goals. utterly pointless.

oh actually i forgot, there’s memes everywhere and they put memes in emails and whatnot

You’re a shrink?

Think you meant to put this in the love life thread, chief.

At the moment, it’s the reorganisation and associated job cuts rumours. With a bit of luck, that’ll stay as talk only until after Christmas.

Understaffed and the work load is too high, so we burn through employees quicker than we can hire and train them.

I cannot wait until they fire me

People will constantly try to cut costs, barter you down, reduce budgets, etc, and then absolutely spaff £100k up the wall on something shite

I don’t actually think it’s you and your fellow stats nerds that are the problem - it’s the unwillingness from anyone more important than me to ask/ argue for more-likely outcomes rather than just hammering staff with new unreasonable expectations.

I take a gin and tonic and have it on the bus home :blush:

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I’m imagining that these are all variants of Slack or Jira

I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

Just Jira things

The fucks Jira?

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Ah ok, just looked it up, office dork nonsense, ahm oot.