What's the worst thing Cliff Richard's ever done?

  1. Set a legal precedent whereby it’s impossible for the media to reveal the identity of suspected criminals.

  2. One of the other things Cliff Richard’s done (please specify)


That thing at Wimbledon


I know there’s plenty in 2, but why have a dog and bark yourself?


Dennis Wise?



hmm don’t really think Cliff is in the wrong here


I do.



The best thing he has done is the Wired for Sound video.


take it to the…




There’s no forgiving that Lords Prayer / Auld Lang Syne mashup he did.


The video juxtaposed the line “And forgive us our trespasses” with footage of children in a Nazi concentration camp.

So that was cool.




So many opportunities for a munificent charitable donation of £200K. No let’s call it a round million.


^This 100%


wondering where my curtain ties had got to


I remember when he first “announced it” on one of those ‘An Evening With Cliff Richard’ programmes on ITV or whatever the hell it was. Cliff went into a long preamble about how he’d created the most profound piece of music ever, like he’d composed the fucking Brandenburg Concertos or something.

The bloke’s fucking weird man.


I think I told my Cliff Richard story on the old boards but… I came home from school one day and my dad called me into the lounge and who was there with him? Sir Cliff. Obviously I was a hugely attractive young boy and Cliff did nothing untoward whatsoever.