What's the worst thing Cliff Richard's ever done?

He’s said repeatedly that he isn’t but it’s absolutely none of our business.

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Cracked up at this post for some reason

If you had to spend a week locked in a car with one of the following, who would you pick (you can’t hurt them, or worse)?

EDIT: Alex Jones the conspiracy guy, not the One Show host.

  • Cliff Richard
  • Katie Hopkins
  • Sol Campbell
  • Piers Morgan
  • Julia Hartley-Brewer
  • Alan Carr
  • Mark Lawrenson
  • Alex Jones
  • Paloma Faith
  • Tim Westwood

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Alex jones the bird off the one show?


Piers Morgan without an audience would probably just be a normal boring bloke.

Yeah, but you’d be his audience :grimacing:

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would love to ask alex jones all about the bill hicks days

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I think Lawro would be a wonderful companion.

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His Sarah Brightman hand-puppet


Alan Carr would be fine


Of the choices, I think he would be the most entertaining

I REALLY like ONE (1) Cliff Richard song.

For a bit of fun, see if you can guess which one.

Although it would be interesting to see if Westwood’s faux Brooklyn rapper schtick would drop after a few hours and he would revert to talking like a 60yo from East Anglia


or else.

Can’t help feeling my decision would be based on who did the least smelly farts.

Trying to read the article about this but they keep calling the judge Mr Justice Mann and it’s too much.


Move It

Edit: It’s probably We Don’t Talk Anymore

Marvel franchise running out of steam.

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Well, this has been fun. The correct answer is Savior’s Day.

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It’s no Mistletoe & Wine

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