What's the worst thing that you quite like?

mine’s probably the tv show Dragons Den. what’s yours?

I quite like the TV shoe Dragons Den as well

EDIT: I could have edited the fact I typed “shoe” out here but, unlike @Epimer I have scruples

reckon i’d be friends with Deborah Meaden if she asked me
don’t worry about spelling mistakes :slight_smile: life’s too short

Do you like that thing she does with her finger and thumb?

Think you can get a cream for that.

what does she do?

Death In Paradise

It’s a terrible programme, but I have seen probably every episode.


She sort of rubs her index and other finger around her thumb in a circular way whilst her hand is pointing up and her elbow is on the arm of her chair

I’ve just found this tweet from 2015 about it and have ‘liked’ it:

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Best Dragon

  • Peter Jones (twat)
  • Deborah Meaden
  • Tokuer Suleyman
  • Northern woman
  • Vitamins Man
  • Duncan Bannatyne
  • Theo Paphitis
  • Moonpig man
  • Northern woman with the shoulders
  • Restaurant woman
  • Australian Man
  • James Can
  • Doug Jones
  • Other

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I call him Touker Silly-man

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dunno who moonpig man is but he’s got my vote


I like that he says about “I’m going to give you some Touker time”

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Fulham Football Club

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On balance, I’d call that 1-0 to you

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Rollin’ by Limp Bizkit


I too have liked it, mainly to make the person who posted it wonder what’s going on.


Probably Burzum or Dissection i reckon,


I was hoping this would happen

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