What's the worst thing that you quite like?


Shotgun by George Ezra


Laughing at really bad tattoos


stuff like this


well that didn’t work

I mean this kind of stuff


Oh god yes

I’ve been cold turkey for months though, don’t drag me back in!


Naked Attraction


Have we got a thread for this sort of stuff? I’m in now.


if somebody made a TV programme about that, would you watch it?

I probably would, I get ASMR from grooming stuff


aw mate, the second one is incredible. refuse to believe that anybody doesn’t love that. we get stigmatised in childhood even though it feels amazing.

god, I wish I had a cold right now


I think @meowington posted about this kind of thing ages back…can’t remember if it was a thread of its own or within another thread but yeah, seriously addictive watching people’s bodies ooze muck innit?





Sometimes it’s wicked cool watching videos where loads of dead skin is removed from a foot