What's the worst thing you've dropped?

Last night I treated myself to a six-pack of babybels and decided to eat one on the short walk home from Tescos, only for me to rip the bag open whereby five of the cheeses leapt for freedom onto the adjacent Cycle Super Highway. It was embarrassing.

It also brought back another memory of when I was around about 10 or 11. I was collecting the Player’s Player award on behalf of one of my football teammates, but after going up on stage to take the award, I slipped and dropped the trophy. The player’s head had broken off in the fall. Again, mortifying.

What’s the worst thing you’ve dropped? No jokes about farts or pills please.

A knife on my big toe

Thinly veiled ‘I am good at football’.

It’s actually a thinly-veiled ‘my friend was good at football’. I did not win any awards sadly.

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He didn’t win the award, so he’s shit.

I dropped an unopened, full bottle of gin a couple of weeks ago. :scream: :cold_sweat: :flushed:


Ah I misread the op and was enraged with jealousy at the lack of my own football prowess. Carry on!

That sounds awfully painful. Did it stay in upright?

It landed serrated side down on the knuckle of my big toe. There was a lot of blood, I couldn’t put weight on it for a week and that bit of my toe is now larger than the equivalent bit of my other foot which makes getting footwear that fits properly a bit of a struggle.

Tin of paint on a fairly new carpet - of course the lid popped off when it landed

A bollock

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My laptop bag over the banister of a car park stairwell in Cardiff city centre. Happened a couple of years ago, I was ferking about in it to find my keys and it sort of… rolled over my arm and into space. Fortunately the laptop wasn’t in it at the time but it fell two flights and landed perilously close to a pair of Welsh builders who were paying for their parking, nearly took one of them out completely. The only casualty (apart from my pride) was a cafetiere in the bag which was totaled. If it had hit one of the builders it could have developed into a major international incident.

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Phone from a balcony in Copenhagen. Was drunk.

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Some phat beats while DJ’ing at nan’s wake.


dropped my laptop a bunch of times. on a couple of occasions the screen and all it’s innards have popped out so you’d think it was definitely dead but nah, I just crammed it all back in and miraculously it still works

Had to drop Dave the Bastard in the Royal Oak once for looking at my pint.


A triple tub style of hundreds and thousands in the kitchen (over the hob, behind the fridge…everywhere).
Stood there for a good few seconds afterwards trying to think of something worse.
Was finding those little pricks forever afterwards.
Moved house soon after, was the only solution


A 5 week old large glass jar full of a sourdough starter.


some of my poohs after a heavy night