What's the worst thing you've trodden on/in recently?

Let’s keep this physical (I don’t want to know of all the hearts you’ve trodden on).

This thread is inspired by the unfortunate incident in the early hours of Sunday morning when I trod on a slug with my bare feet.

Just me and the slug, then?

I trood in ur mums dank vagina


Im no longer ur mate, i am now ur father

I trod on an upturned plug a few months back, fuck me gently it was sore

Thank you!

And sorry to hear about it. I’ve done that before and holy fuck, it’s painful

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Haven’t trod on anything recently, so instead I’ll regale you with a couple of the greatest hits. I’ve stood on a drawing pin before, surprisingly didn’t hurt much. Went all the way in too, you could just see the gold disc bit stuck to the bottom of my foot. What really, really, REALLY hurt was a small toy traffic cone that I got with a toy police car when I was about 7. Think it’s the most I’ve bled in my life, was absolutely horrific.

When I was a student, I lived in a house with a basement kitchen which seemed to be a slug magnet, so this was an unpleasantly frequent thing. It got to the point where we resorted to putting a ring of salt round the edge of the room and doors like some kind of spell.

We do get quite a few of them as our bathroom is downstairs and was built in the 60s I think. I’m normally on the lookout for them but I was feeling dozy and unwell.

That is the stuff of nightmares

It’s making me feel ill just thinking about it

That house was so terrible, I could not wait to leave. I lived in a great place in the 2nd year owned by a very old man, who started getting dementia, so we had to leave and find a new place at short notice. The new house seemed fine when we viewed it in the summer, but as soon as the winter hit, it became terrible. The slugs invaded, and the toilet kept backing up through the bath (!!!), and everyone was just miserable and stressed and at each other’s throats.

Ha ha - I had the basement bedroom and it was exactly the same. And I also poured salt around the edge of the room.

One time I was in the shower down there and there was a slug on the wall. In the warm water it started writhing around.

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Mine wasnt as sluggy as yours, but the cold, mouldy depressing uni house is an all too relatable thing.

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I guess the only advantage was that it gave me good drain unblocking and radiator bleeding skills.

very nearly trod on a freshly roadkilled rat this morning. It’s amazing how camoflagued they are on wet tarmac. Only noticed the red flash of his gooey entrails at the last minute. Looked like a crow or a magpie had tried to make breakfast out of his intestine

I took a picture actually but I’ll spare you all