What's Their Best Song? #11: Bob Dylan


My man Kallgeese spot on as always :grinning::+1:

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Blood on the tracks is of push came to shove my favourite but highway 61 as you say is such a tight record, no filler.
Proper young man at the height of his powers. Phenomenal record

How long have we got Funkman?! I’m getting kinda closer to narrowing it down. :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Blood on the Tracks
  2. Desire
  3. Blonde on Blonde

Almost nothing in between about half a dozen records though - all classics.

All opinions innit, just never enjoyed it, feel like that and MMitM are the saggy middle of an otherwise ATD of an album. Think that’s why I prefer Desire, not an inch of fat on it.

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Keep putting this off I think it might be Loansome Death of Hattie Carroll. It’s the song I remember most from when I was a child and might be the song with Cole Not Dole that informs my worldview.

But then Ballad Of A Thin Man. Shit all I know right now is it’s going to be a lumping on one song anyother way madness leads.

Started watching No Direction Home for the 80th time last night it’s so good.


Really good soundtrack/bootleg as well

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Having listened to very little other than Bob for the last week I’m really having to question this.

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Top 3:

Bringing It All Back Home
Highway 61 Revisited
The Times They Are A-Changin’

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surprised how highly rated desire is round these parts. it’s good obvs, but idk if it’d make my top ten

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Top 10…

  1. Highway 61
  2. Desire
  3. Bringing It All Back Home
  4. The Freewheelin’…
  5. John Wesley Harding
  6. Blood On The Tracks
  7. Another Side of…
  8. Nashville Skyline
  9. Street-Legal
  10. Rough and Rowdy Ways

Studio albums only. Not sure I actually would have this list tomorrow.


Might have to get Desire as I barely know it, and don’t think the hits would have been overplayed yet

  1. bringing it all back home
  2. blood on the tracks
  3. highway 61 revisited
  4. the freewheelin’
  5. the basement tapes
  6. oh mercy
  7. another side of
  8. the times they are a-changin
  9. nashville skyline
  10. desire

just squeaks in there then edit: lol forgot blonde on blonde. think that would be 6th and everything else moved down one, sorry desire



1 - Blonde on Blonde
2 - Bringing it All Back Home
3 - Blood on the Tracks

The rest are in ever changing order, but those three are set in stone.

Musically his best, I think. That civil war band feel, the screeching violin and the drums sound incredible. Also some stuff on there like Romance in Durango doesn’t really sound too much like any other artist I can think of.


Favourite Dylan Albums (the first three are basically interchangeable):

  1. The Times They Are A-Changin’
  2. Blood on the Tracks
  3. Blonde on Blonde
  4. Bringing It All Back Home
  5. John Wesley Harding
  6. Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan
  7. Highway 61
  8. Time Out of Mind
  9. Desire
  10. Nashville Skyline
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