What's Their Best Song? #15: Björk

Not heard Fossora yet but I like all of Björk’s albums, never been disappointed but I don’t think there’s individual songs as arresting as the earlier ones that I’d choose in something like this so most of my picks are probably going to be pre Medulla, maybe that is down to me being of an age then where hearing these in the musical landscape of the time was extra startling too. I found Joga totally overwheming the first time I heard it, that vocal, holy shit. Venus As A Boy is unearthly and delicate, Bachelorette driven and dramatic, All Is Full of Love (The video version!) blissful. So many great moments, the unadorned I love him, I love him section Of Pagan Poetry, the vertiginous strings that buoy up Isobel and make my stomach drop, the way I’ve Seen It All periodically explodes with life like emerging from a tunnel into a wide open landscape.

The only time I’ve Björk live was at The Castlefield bowl around the time of Vulnicura, it was amazing. I have a big thing for string arrangements anyway but I thought that album was great and did hark back to the stuff I loved a lot on Homogenic, songs like Stonemilker and Lionsong, Black Lake is magnificent

I had to give Utopia a bit of time but it rewarded me, Blissing Me was the immediate standout and I think this one is gorgeous too.

Hyperballad is my predictable favourite and this performance for Jools a jaw dropper


I really love Björk but never in my life have I listened to Sugar cubes, maybe I’ll give them a go after the results thread.

Great Hyperballad cover here by The Twilight Singers


Did we get a definitive on whether Sugarcubes votes are valid? Will determine whether 5 or 10 points to to Jóga so muy importente.




Ah, that changes EVERYTHING

Too late now though, I already voted. As much as I love Björk, I’ve got a Sugarcubes compilation that never ever leaves my phone.

gonna need confirmation that the single + album versions of ‘All Is Full Of Love’ will be tallied seperately

Similarly, there are some remixes (especially of Debut tracks) that would definitely make my list if they’re counted. Case in point:


also think some of the best versions of tunes are on live collections, but not expecting these to be seperated out!

the Peter Stormare + Thom Yorke versions are good and all, but I prefer it just being her


the strings on this :blue_heart:



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Be easy when you do AC/DC then

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Can I just shock you? I like björk

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I’d have to say ‘the best of björk’


The Vulnicura Strings album is also incredible in it’s own right.

Bjork’s use of orchestration is incredible, including on the new album. Feels like she often creates the songs from the strings, or at least they are an integral part of the process of building the songs, not just a layer added to embellish.

I’ve relistened to Drawing Restraint this week, pretty interesting, not terribly enjoyable, Holographic Entrypoint remains taxing. Some favourites from elsewhere though

My favourite b-side

favourite duet

Written in the Volta sessions, I think easily the best thing on Swanlights and if it had made Volta probably that too

favourite remix

of its time, quite glammy, chorus bangs!

Favourite song I’d pretty much forgotten about and it was most delightful to be reminded of

it deserves some attention thrown at it, love how minimal and intimate it is

Favourite Bjork album closer

Apologies Anchor Song you are wonderful but this is too warming


How in god’s name did I miss this thread? When you closing voting, @Funkhouser ?

Not thought about this much yet, but reckon there’ll be at least one Sugercubes track in my voting.

Had not heard Generous Palmstroke before - it is glorious. Thank you