What's Their Best Song? #20: The Strokes

is what I might say if I liked The Strokes :sunglasses:


Not really massively familiar with Comedown Machine or Angles. Worth a listen, or mostly meh?

Great great songs on both

Still really like 50% of Angles. Hated CM on release but I’ve really warmed up to it after revisiting it after the last album came out.

Comedown Machine is my 3rd favourite after ROF and ITI. Sounds like a back-handed compliment but I like it a lot.

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The top ten could all be from Is This It and I wouldn’t be mad.

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I remember thinking there were some decent songs on Angles but haven’t heard it in years

I listened to a bit of Comedown Machine before going to see them a couple of years ago and I thought it was awful and never finished it

Might revisit both then

New York City cops
They ain’t that smaaaaht


Genuinely got no idea what to pick and I can’t enter any other votes till I’ve done mine. Might run until Christmas tbh.

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Big fan of when they sang it at Bernies big do in New York and he does that bit right behind a cops head.

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Just stuck Is This It on and it’s just unbelievably good isn’t it, not a bad song on there. Didn’t really give Angles or Comedown Machine a chance so looking forward to giving them some time.

Fully expecting tunes from the first 2 or 3 albums to make up the top 10, maybe even the top 20, but there’s enough on the other albums loved by the heads that the full list should still be pretty long.

I already have Heart In A Cage in my top 5 but the one album I’ve never really listened to in full is First Impressions so will have to change that asap.

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Excited that at least a couple of people are going to suddenly realise how fucking good The New Abormal is thanks to this thread. Same with the best moments from Angles + Comedown Machine.

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This won’t win but should win

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Walt Disney Animation Studios Thumbs Up GIF by Disney

Hard to pick between stuff on the first couple of records, might be fun to just kingmaker something obscure for this one.

I think I like them most when they’re super melancholy though, Trying Your Luck is probably my favourite on the debut for instance.

Also for a band that have about 5000 incredible guitar lines…this might just be the best.

CW contains David Letterman


Could listen to the riff of You Only Live Once a thousand times and never get bored


Reptilia has the twin benefits of being:
a) a song we used to listen to all the fucking time whilst drinking in the best year of uni
b) objectively fucking incredible

It’s more about what else goes on the list really.


The Heart in a Cage video fascinated me as a kid for some reason. I just wanted Julian to get off the ground.