What's Their Best Song? #21: Pixies

Right, Jazzy - you’re only going to get one shot to meet and get your photo taken with the actual Pixies so don’t pull a stupid face and definitely - and I can’t stress this one enough - definitely don’t lean in front of Frank Black you fucking doofus



Only ever seen them in outdoor venues, and both times they were great. First time (Doolittle anniversary tour, w Kim Deal) was seriously all-time top 5 best ever gig stuff.

I was also at night 1! Was an all timer despite no Where is My Mind.

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I was night 1 too and it was a magical night. There was so much love in the room and they still sounded incredible.


Deadline for this will be WEDNESDAY MARCH 22ND


Had to go with 10x1 as too difficult to narrow down further. Even that seemed brutal.

2 from Come On Pilgrim
3 from Surfer Rosa
4 from Doolittle
1 from Trompe Le Monde

Surfer Rosa and Bossanova were the heavy casualties of the last cull.

1 from Come on Pilgrim
1 from Surfer Rosa
1 from Doolittle
2 from Bossanova
4 from Trompe le Monde
1 from Complete B Sides

TLM was the absolute hardest to narrow down, still gutted about a couple of omissions

Love the Come on Pilgrim to Doolittle run obviously but I absolutely played it to death in my uni years so I don’t get the same excitement from it as I did then

Didn’t see them until post-Kim, regret missing the Doolittle anniversary tour which I think was the first time they were here after I got into them.

Saw them indoors with Kim Shattuck and they were excellent (see above - annoyed I was seated up in the balcony as standing tickets were sold out). Have seen them outdoors with the current lineup in 2014 and 2016 and they were just very static and workmanlike. Feels like they need to be loud in an indoor room with all the flashing lights to give the illusion of a bit of energy.

Joey’s guitar antics during Vamos are always entertaining though.


1 from Come On Pilgrim
3 from Surfer Rosa
4 from Doolittle
1 from Bossanova
1 from Tromp le Monde

Love Bossanova and TLM to bits and currently rinsing them both out of sheer guilt

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All from Wave of Mutilation: Best of the Pixies

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And i think my lesser love for TLM comes from seeing them on that tour at the G-MEX and the sound being pretty crap coupled with the band looking disinterested.

They’ve been great every other time (even with a quiet crowd in Berlin) including a couple of outdoor shows.

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Cracking comp this; who could forget Spaghetti Head??

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Has Kim ever been involved in anything that wasn’t great?

No. No, she hasn’t.


Bam Thwok

Deliberately silly song intended for a kids film gets a pass from me!

Also, don’t really mind it

But equally, fucksake

She’s awesome.


Kim Deal/best band in the world crossovers

(and The Breeders drummer played with GBV)