What's Their Best Song? #26: The Cure

Best epic rocker? Burn

for pure bliss? Plainsong

best groove? Close To Me

best lighter than air trifle? Catch

most enjoyable wallow? Pictures Of You

kitchen sink minimalism? 10:15 On A Saturday Night

saddest, sweetest, loveliest? To Wish Impossible Things

best moment when a guitar line comes in and slays? A Strange Day

best bit of wonky pop that sounds like it’s dropping to bits? The Caterpillar

Best to listen to snug in your tomb as rivulets of condensation trickle down the walls? All Cats Are Grey

Just totted up and 31 songs demand a point of me, God bless all the different hues of Curesong


You managed to miss their best song, Faith :wink:

errr fuckin LOVESONG

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Got Faith on now, yeah your right it’s a miserable beaut for sure. That bass is so damn easy on the ears, into the morass I slump


Got Faith out of my local library on cd when I was 15, expected Friday I’m in Love janglepop indie. My word.


Given that Plainsong and Pictures of You is one of the greatest 1/2 opening to any album I can think of, it’s gonna be hard to look past those (hopefully neophyte Cure fan votes are welcome :wink: )


Would go nicely with this! (I wrote about Disintegration.)

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This is going to be challenging.



Well I usually do a “Demi kingmaker” for these excellent threads: five points a piece to my two favourite tracks.

For this one… Tricky. I think I might need to do an actual micro kingmaker by which i mean one point each for ten songs

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Thanks for naming the very thing I’m going to do here :grinning:

So many Cure songs deserve multiple points but two particular songs tower over everything else. A pair of right behemoths.


I’m going to Kingmaker.

I just don’t know what I’m going to Kingmaker.



Queen Jane?


Best non album track ever

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you give me too much credit, i’m well out of the loop with giittv stuff. i don’t even do the twitter any more, even tho the twitter bio says i do (so i guess that might be a mistake, i should give someone a poke)

anyway all their best songs are their pop smashers but you nerds are all going to vote for the goth shit aren’t you

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Ah, I see

Well, it’s thanks to you that I knew about it & contributed anyway

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Sure it’s been done before but that sounds like a thread to me.


The original is much better tbh (imo)

Don’t @ me Mascis fanboys!