What's Their Best Song? #33: Pavement

May I introduce you to one William Patrick Corgan?


the world needs both Pavement and The Smashing Pumpkins


My tied fav band

Fav song is probably Fin

But it could be any other. I love them

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I love them both

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This thread doesn’t


couldn’t hurt though!

I will shut this thing down, don’t you think that I won’t.


I’m off to listen to the Fruit Bats cover of Siamese Dream in the bath anyway.

Have a good time Pavemen/Pavewomen/PaveNBs!

:laughing: indeed.

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I used to be on a shit games forum in the mid to late 00s and the music thread on there was mainly boring white dudes talking about Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins. And then I tried to get them all into Pavement.

Fast forward nearly two decades and nothing has changed

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Show me a word that rhymes with Pavement
And I won’t kill your parents, and @roastthemonaspit


Range Life is The Smashing Pumpkins of songs that mention Stone Temple Pilots

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Its not that bad like :wink:

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Can’t stop setting myself up.

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Have Slanted & Enchanted on right now, hopefully it’s ok to say that Trigger Cut is a great song.


At Manchester Apollo in 2022 they miraculously played all of my Top 3 faves in the first half an hour; Here, Spit on a Stranger and Major Leagues which they started with. This seemed highly unlikely in advance as they hadn’t been playing those at every show. One of the best gigs i’d seen for a long time, sounded amazing, lovely atmosphere, great crowd. I’m a bit fuzzy on 'em away from the ‘Hits’ tbh so i’m looking forward to the results.


Just been listening to Slanted and Enchanted on the walk into town. Marvelous stuff. Four or five songs on here that i could happily splurge all my points on. But then who’s going to vote for Watery, Domestic?!

More than any other they’re a band where tiny little details and inflections make the song stand out. The little pause before “… not here, babe!”


One of those bands where their biggest songs still sound awesome, if you ask me, so I won’t be bothered when Cut Your Hair or Range Life win.
But also, one of those bands where it’s the deep cuts that really get under your skin.

Like this one, which feels like a sequel to Range Life.


And yet here we are many years later and it still bothers the man immensely- even after being told by the band it was just some goofy line in a song and nothing of malice was meant by it