What's this Euro Hit from ages ago?

Ignore my colleague in the background saying “indian classical dance”

Has Shazam hit East Anglia yet?

Since when can you whistle into Shazam, you winkle?

If I knew a decent patent lawyer I’d nail whistle-shazza. (can’t believe you expect me to play that in the office!)

Thanks, so that’s the melody I should be able to find it from there.

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Course it fucking is.

Thank you.

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Satisfying thread, would read again


I aim to please!

Monster Hits CD1! What a run!!!

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“If I Could Back Time”. What a banger!

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One of these is not like the others :open_mouth:

Is the Road To Hell (Part 2) the Heaven-Hell Rail Replacement Bus Service?

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Fucking money, maaaaan.