What's this part of your knee called?

Bone that protrudes. Is it the end of the femur? Mine’s fucked.


That’s technically leg mate.

Not a doctor though.

stop pissing around mate, you ARE a doctor.


That’s a hazelnut spread


I don’t like to talk about it ffs!

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Looks like a patella injury. Wonder if this will make Sean go into the transfer market


Think that’s exactly the spot where it’s labelled Articular Cartilage

The cartilage is underneath the patella ella ella eh eh eh
Underneath the patella

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It’s a bit higher up than the patella. Can barely get back up when I squat down to get some 25p beans in Tesco. Landed on my knees when I had an accident last week, left one’s fine, right one’s a poorly little baby.

I had a bad knee a few weeks ago but it seems to be fine now touch knee.