What's this? (possible Hitler panda in my building)

What the fuck is this

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can you get a look at it’s face?

No I can’t get down there. Could possibly find another angle and maybe catch a reflection of the face? Will try tomorrow.

On close inspection it does appear to have the makings of a moustache.

Can anyone read German?

I don’t really understand much German so can’t tell what it is meant to be reading. Does seem a little bit suspect though

it’s alright, he’s Swiss

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first draft Nightmare Before Christmas lyrics need a little work


In the middle it says "Veritas Investment Management AO, Date of Incorporation’.

It’s in German language though. Doesn’t put my mind at ease.

They’re a tenant in my building. Didn’t see that. Good spot!

no one who speaks German could be an evil man


Founded in Zurich, so there’s your German language link. Whether that panda(?) is in bad taste or not is another question…

i need to see whether he has a moustache or not, otherwise it’s just a nice neat hairstyle

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I need to get in there. I’ll be able to get off on that floor so could give them a knock and tell them I want to invest in Lindor?

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The founder and chairman of this company is a Swiss national involved in several charities supporting humanitarian causes in Israel.

I’m pretty sure you are completely barking up the wrong tree.

I’m inclined to agree, although my first thought at Veritas was Kilroy was somehow involved and Eltham was onto something.